Dancing With the Stars Season 13 Week 10 Night 2


  • All 12 couples and 6 Troupe dancers danced to The Best One Yet (Black Eyed Peas)
  • Kym & Dmitry and Val & Peta danced to Dancing Away with My Heart performed live by Lady Antebellum
  • Ricki & Derek danced the Tango to the theme from Psycho (Bernard Hermann)  30
  • Rob & Cheryl danced the Foxtrot to Fly Me to the Moon (Frank Sinatra)  26
  • J.R. & Karina danced the Jive to Jump, Jive ‘An Wail (Brian Seltzer Orchestra)  28
  • Metta & Peta and Elisabetta & Val danced the Cha Cha to Krazy/Last Friday Night (Pitbull f. Lil Jon/Katy Perry)
  • Kristin & Mark w/Sasha danced the Jive to Long Tall Sally (Little Richard)
  • Chynna & Tony danced the Tango to the theme from Mission Impossible (Larry Mullen & Adam Clayton)
  • Carson & Anna w/Val, Teddy, Sharna and Dasha danced to Vogue (Madonna)
  • Nancy & Tristan danced the Foxtrot to Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Michael McGrath)
  • Chaz & Lacey w/Buddy danced to Big and Chunky (Will.i.am)
  • David & Kym w/6 Troupe dancers danced the Quickstep to We Go Together (Olivia Newton John and John Travolta)
  • Troupe dancers danced to Need You Now performed live by Lady Antebellum
  • Hope & Maks danced the Quickstep to Valerie (Mark Ronson)
  • J.R. & Karina danced the Samba to Shake Your Bon Bon (Ricky Martin)  30
  • Rob & Cheryl danced the Samba to Shake Your Bon Bon (Ricky Martin)30

Favorites:  The finale is always one of my favorite weeks because we get to see everyone dance again and almost everyone is having fun.  Loved Carson’s Vogue routine!!!  It was wonderful to see Chynna nail the Tango this time around (she left too soon, I think).  It was great to see Chaz’s Samba again, this time with Buddy dancing along–so much fun!  David’s routine was also a blast.

I always love seeing the Troupe dancers.  I would watch a show just to see the pros dance.

As far as the competition went, I thought the couples chose strong routines to repeat for the finals.  I would have liked J.R. & Karina to choose their Rumba or Argentine Tango instead of the Jive but that’s mainly because the Jive isn’t one of my favorite dances.  Both J.R. and Rob did well in the Instant Samba.  *While I hate the pressure placed on the celebrities to perform any sort of dance, I do think it works well for the semi-finals or finals stages; it makes it easier to see who’s the better dancer.

Question:  Len said that Rob had the best footwork of any male celebrity ever.  Really?  Okay, I don’t have a ballroom background so I don’t know what to watch for as well as Len, but really?  I thought Mario Lopez and Gilles Marini were far better.  I also think both should have won the Mirror Ball trophies but that’s another story.

And the Winner Is?:  JR.  I’ve been torn between Ricki and JR this season but he won me over with his freestyle.  I did hate to see Ricki receive 3rd instead of 2nd–I think several strong performances outweigh a few good ones.  Just my opinion–it was an excellent Finals Week!


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