Dancing With the Stars Season 13 Week 9


  • Hope & Maks danced the Paso Doble to I Can’t Be Tamed (Miley Cyrus)  21
  • J.R. & Karina danced the Paso Doble to the theme from Zorro (James Horner)  23
  • Rob & Cheryl danced the Samba to I Go To Rio (Pablo Cruise)  28
  • Ricki & Derek danced the Samba to Jump in the Line (Harry Belafonte)  30
  • Hope & Maks danced the Argentine Tango to Whatever Lola Wants (Sarah Vaughan)  24
  • J.R. & Karina danced the Argentine Tango to Bust Your Windows (Jazmine Sullivan)  27
  • Rob & Cheryl danced the Argentine Tango to Libertango (Bond)  27
  • Ricki & Derek danced the Argentine Tango to Allerdings (Otros Aires)  29
  • All danced the Cha Cha relay to I Like How It Feels (Enrique Iglesias)
  • Hope & Maks 4
  • J.R. & Karina 6
  • Ricki & Derek 8
  • Rob & Cheryl 10

Pro Performance:  Sasha & Oksana, Tony & Kym, Kiki & Anna, Parissa & Sandor danced the Argentine Tango to Little Drop of Poison (Tom Waits/Gotan Project).  LOVED this routine!!!

Favorite Couples:  Loved everyone’s Argentine Tango.  Liked Ricki & Derek’s Samba and Rob & Cheryl’s Samba.  Loved the Cha Cha relay.

Rant:  I watched the entire show last night.  I agree that J.R.’s Paso wasn’t up to his usual standard and I agree that the judges have to score accordingly but there is simply no need to say something like “It was more Zero than Zorro”.  Len, you just made yourself look like an idiotic ass.  J.R. showed class though:  he didn’t let it get to him.

I agree with the judges that Hope’s Paso was strong on character but it needed more control.  I don’t blame Hope for disliking the judges but I do wish she would be less openly antagonistic:  in reference to her Paso, the judges’ comments were constructive and I think she should have accepted them as such.  That said, I do think it deserved better than 21.  Her Argentine Tango definitely deserved better than a 24 and to be honest, I think it’s payback.  I suspect the judges furthered the payback by awarding Rob the most points for the Cha Cha relay, in an effort to ensure that he made the finals and Hope did not.  Just a suspicion on my part . .  . .

Why did Ricki have to dance last and be the first to perform in the Cha Cha relay???

Who’s Going Home?:  Hope, I think.


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