Dancing With the Stars Season 13 Week 7


  • David & Kym danced the Cha Cha to Abracadabra (Steve Miller Band)  24
  • J.R. & Karina danced the Tango to Ghostbusters (Ray Parker Jr) 25
  • Nancy & Tristan danced the Jive to The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Charlie Daniel’s Band)  21
  • Rob & Cheryl danced the Tango to The Addams Family  25
  • Ricki & Derek danced the Paso Doble to Sweet Dreams (Beyonce)  27
  • Hope & Maks danced the Samba to Werewolves of London (Warren Zevon)  24
  • Team Tango (David & Kym, Nancy & Tristan, J.R. & Karina) danced to Disturbia (Rihanna)  23
  • Team Paso (Rob & Cheryl, Hope & Maks, Ricki & Derek) danced to Bring Me to Life (Evanescence)  26

Favorite Couples:  Ricki & Derek, Hope & Maks, J.R. & Karina.  Loved the performances—hated Karina’s outfit.

Who’s Going Home?:  Nancy?

Other Thoughts: I’ll begin with the positive—I love Halloween night.  Now onto the negative . . . .

I thought Len’s comment to J.R. was telling—I’ve often thought the judges had a sliding scale for judging the contestants and it slides according to what they personally think each individual is capable of.  When it came to Hope though, I think the scale was stuck this week.  I thought Hope earned 9’s this time around—to me, it looked like she brought the technique and performance together.  At the very least, she deserved a higher score than David—if she’s still at the 8 level, he should have been a 7—but again, I don’t use a sliding scale.  I’ve enjoyed watching David this season but Hope is a better dancer.

I was astonished to see Derek pick Rob & Cheryl before he picked Hope & Maks.  Hope is definitely the stronger dancer so why pick Rob first?  Was Derek simply trying to maintain a safe distance from the feud between H&M and the judges?  Are Hope & Maks perceived to be a difficult couple?  The behind-the-scenes footage seems to imply this but I don’t entirely trust it.  I think the producers choose the footage most likely to sway the viewers a certain way; I think whomever is putting those segments together has much more impact on who’s going home than the judges do.  When it was time for Chaz to go, we were shown footage of a frustrated Lacey telling Chaz that she couldn’t keep putting together basic routines at this stage in the competition.  Back in Season 2, when Master P was still walking around the dance floor in Week 4 , footage was shown revealing just how little time he was spending in practice.  Maks had a meltdown last week and we’re shown footage that indicates he and Hope are a nightmare of a couple.   Both the show and Maks like to play up his “Bad Boy of the Ballroom” image but it seems that he’s definitely stepped on someone’s toes this time.  I didn’t care for his meltdown last week but maybe I have set my own double-standard.  For the most part, I like the dancers and because I like them, I want to see them remain professional even when the judges are behaving badly.  I do not like the judges although I sometimes find myself in agreement with them.  I know the judges have the background to do what they do but I can’t say that I have ever regarded them as professional: they usually seem more concerned with delivering “witty” commentary than consistently providing anything constructive or supportive to the contestants.  I admired Chaz for keeping it together on the floor last week:  anyone who cared could see that he was hurt, particularly by Bruno.  Chaz kept it together on the floor and I think that drew more attention to the fact that Bruno is an absolute ass.

I love the dancers, I love the dances but I’m losing my love for the show . . .


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