Dancing With the Stars Season 13 Week 6


  • Rob & Cheryl danced the Cha Cha to Walk Like a Man from  Jersey Boys 22
  • Nancy & Tristan danced the Foxtrot to Always Look on the Bright Side of Life from Monty Python’s Spamalot  24
  • David & Kym danced the Quickstep to We Go Together from Grease  23
  • Ricki & Derek danced the Quickstep to Luck Be a Lady from Guys & Dolls  29
  • Chaz & Lacey danced the Tango to The Phantom of the Opera  19
  • Hope & Maks danced the Rumba to Seasons of Love from Rent  20
  • J.R. & Karina danced the Quickstep to Hot Honey Rag from Chicago  29
  • All danced to Big Spender and Money, Money from Sweet Charity and Cabaret

Favorite Couples:  J.R. & Karina, Ricki & Derek, David & Kym.  I also liked Rob & Cheryl’s Cha Cha.  I would have mentioned Hope & Maks but Maks’ meltdown spoiled it.

Who’s Going Home?:  Chaz?  Sure, he’s likable and there’s no question he’s giving the competition his best but he’s just not as good as the others, period.  Was the behind the scenes footage showing Lacey’s frustration enough to convince his supporters that it’s time for him to leave?  I thought her comments about having to take the choreography beyond the basic level were telling.

Nancy?  I thought she was a brat in practice but nothing compared to Maks.

Hope?  Hope is a strong dancer if an uneven performer:  I think she *should* remain in the competition.  I agree with the judges that her technique did suffer a bit last night BUT I was pleased to see her embracing the character of the dance, even though she flitted in and out of it.  If she stays, I think she’s close to a breakthrough.  Maks’ meltdown was uncalled for though and it may have hurt her.  First of all, I think that his comment to her that people were losing faith in her was much more hurtful than anything the judges said (this time anyway).  She *was* uneven in her performance and her technique *was* off.  As far as numbers go, I can only guess that Maks thinks that the judges are being generous with Chaz and maybe Nancy, David and Rob but I’d prefer he just let that go and focus on helping Hope break out of her shell.  I like Hope but if even I can see that she’s not quite bringing it all together, then she’s not at 9 or 10 level *yet*.  I think she can get there but not if she and Maks are stuck on the concept that the judges are judging her unfairly.  Honestly, if it weren’t for Maks’ meltdown, I would have called in to vote for them.  Maybe I’m being too harsh, but good sportsmanship is part of the deal for me.  Yes, technique is important as is performance but so is accepting criticism, particularly constructive criticism, with class.  I could understand if the judges had said she didn’t try and Maks defended her but that wasn’t the case.  *And by the way Maks, it’s their show as much as it is yours.  I usually like you more than I like them, but last night was an exception.

Other Thoughts:  I usually don’t care for the group dances but I loved this one!  The only drawback is that you don’t get to choose who you’re watching:  I wanted to see if Hope was able to maintain her character throughout this routine.

I know this is the second time I’ve mentioned Rob when discussing favorite couples but what can I say?  I still dislike the Kardashians in general but he’s improving.


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    Della said,

    Perhaps Maks went a bit too far in this comments, but I think it needed to be said. The pros and the celebrities work their “asses” off for this competition….and the judges sit there and nit pick and say unnecessary things to them. There was no reason to say that Chaz looked like a little penguin last night. I’m not even necessarily a Chaz supporter, but the judges have their favorites and it is ever so obvious; especially this season. This is not the Ricki Lake show…..there are other competitors. I watch the shows for my pros as much as I enjoy the celebrities. Anna never gets enough credit….they are realy down on Maks this season…no matter what he does….I used all my votes last night for Maks. I hope they don’t go home….it’s time for the Chaz train to stop.

    • 2

      lightheartedlibrarian said,

      Yes, comments like the penguin-comparison are totally out of line (and not remotely constructive–really, what was he supposed to do with that observation?). Most of the time I mute the judges because they annoy me with remarks like that. I did think they were on good behavior with Hope, last night anyway, but maybe it was simply better behavior–at least one of them said that they’d never given up on her (in reference to the rehearsal footage). I’d like to see Maks & Hope focus just on Maks & Hope; that’s the only thing they can control. When it comes down to it, it’s the fans’ opinions that matter, not the judges’: Chaz is proof.

      I agree that Chaz has been on the show long enough–I don’t really mind one non-contender lasting a bit longer than someone else who doesn’t show signs of being a contender but we’re past that point.

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