Dancing With the Stars Season 13 Week 5


  • Hope & Maks danced the Tango to Livin’ On a Prayer (Bon Jovi) 24
  • Carson & Anna danced the Jive to Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Wham!) 19
  • Nancy & Tristan danced the Rumba to True (Spandau Ballet) 22
  • J.R. & Karina danced the Samba to Conga (Gloria Estefan) 28
  • Rob & Cheryl danced the Rumba to Hello (Lionel Richie)  25
  • Chaz & Lacey danced the Samba to Get Down On It (Kool & the Gang) 21
  • David & Kym danced the Tango to Tainted Love (Soft Cell) 25
  • Ricki & Derek danced the Foxtrot to Easy Lover (Phil Collins) 24

Favorite Couples:  J.R. & Karina, David & Kym, Hope & Maks, Chaz & Lacey, Ricki & Derek.  I also liked Rob & Cheryl’s Rumba.

Although I liked J.R.’s performance, this week didn’t appear as effortless–he was definitely good, he just didn’t seem as natural as he has in previous dances but maybe that was partly due to some of  the camera angles?  The view from above his head while they were doing the Samba rolls was a bit weird.    Chaz hasn’t shown the same capabilities as most of the others but he did dance well this week and he looked like he was having a blast–I thought he sold the performance.

I liked David’s routine but I *loved* seeing how excited his daughter was when Len praised him; speaking of Len, I also loved David’s Len-impersonation.  I liked most of Hope’s routine but I didn’t care for the ending.  That forward-dip was impressive though—wow.

Ricki had a stumble this week–I agree with the judges that the 80’s dance moves just didn’t work with the Foxtrot.  She’s a strong dancer though so I hope she gets another chance.

I’m still weary of everything-Kardashian but I have to admit, I liked Rob’s rumba.

Who’s Going Home?:  Maybe Carson?  He’s fun but someone has to go home and he does lack technique.  Maybe Nancy?

Other Thoughts:  Love 80’s music!  DWtS has also helped me learn something else about myself:  I *like* guys wearing eyeliner.  Who knew?

Tristan is my new DWtS crush; I hope he becomes a regular!  Sigh . . .


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