Nightkeepers by Jessica Anderson

Will December 21, 2012 herald the end of the world, introduce a new era—or will it  just be another day?  It all depends upon the wisdom and strength of the remaining Nightkeepers.  Strike must gather the remnants of the ancient sect and prepare them for battle.  Doing so will be challenging enough, but there’s also the matter of Leah Daniels.  He’s convinced the gods keep bringing the two of them together for some great purpose; his fellow Nightkeepers tend to agree, except they believe her purpose is to be the sacrifice to save the world.

Although I typically don’t read Romance, I mostly liked this book.  I like romance in my stories but I tend to become exasperated with lengthy descriptions of throbbing loins, straining fabric etc.  While those types of scenes do occur in this book, the underlying story was good enough to keep me reading.  I’m always intrigued by stories which involve ancient cultures and their mythologies and Anderson’s take on both is well done.  She took some information about the Maya and speculation about 2012 and created a fascinating, believable world.  Anderson also created interesting characters:  I confess, I’m mostly intrigued by Rabbit.

My main quibbles with the story are those features that place it firmly in the Romance category rather than the Fantasy category; you know, the massive bulges in men’s pants, the universe-shattering sex, etc.  I like sex and I like the idea of soulmates, but I rolled my eyes when it was revealed that the newbie Nightkeepers are pretty much destined to a) be slaves to their hormones during equinoxes/solstices and b) hook up with each other until they figure out who their soulmate is.  I also thought the resolution to the Leah dilemma was much too simple.

If you’re intrigued by 2012 “prophecies”, if you can handle scenes with blood sacrifice (mostly piercing the tongue or slashing the palm), and if you can handle some typical Romance features, you’ll want to check out Nightkeepers.  For more information on the series, please visit


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    Melissa said,

    Ah! As a romance reader, I love the sex, except these two were quite hormonal and having sex in situations that wouldn’t turn a rational person on.

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