Full Circle by Pamela Freeman

Saker’s ghost army is sweeping across the Eleven Domains, intent upon killing all of Acton’s people and reclaiming the Domains for those of the “old” blood.  Ever the schemer, Thegan manipulates the situation in order to achieve his own goals.  All is not lost, however.  Bramble and Ash raise a ghost of their own:  Acton.

What a fantastic conclusion to the Castings Trilogy!  The tension builds as Thegan makes things much much worse, mistreated Travelers join Saker, Bramble and Ash reunite only to separate again, the gods panic, and Saker senses something lurking about his ghostly army.  I love the way Freeman brings everything together, and I particularly love how she incorporates the individual stories into the greater story.  As I mentioned in my review of Deep Water, Freeman avoids simple good/evil characterizations.  With the exception of Thegan and Alder, we’re given some insight into why characters have developed a certain way.  I like this.  As much as I enjoy the more typical good/evil stories, I appreciate that Freeman has chosen to focus on the long-lasting damage caused by racism, hatred and anger.  More than that, she reminds us that the past cannot be changed but  it is within our power to forge a better future.  LOVE this trilogy!!!

Dare I hope that Freeman is creating a follow-up series?  Ember and Ash was published this May and not only is it set in the same world but it features one of my favorite characters from The Castings Trilogy!


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