Out of the Dawn Light by Alys Clare

England is in a state of unrest following the death of William the Conqueror.  The people of Aelf Fen aren’t concerned at first—after all, one Norman king is the same as another, right?  Meanwhile, there’s a marriage to celebrate—someone is actually willing to marry Goda, the village shrew.

Lassair is Goda’s younger sister.  Lassair has special talents, among them an uncanny ability to find lost/hidden things.  When a charming man she meets at the wedding asks her to help him find a mysterious object, she impulsively agrees.  Her friend Sibert will help as well: as it turns out, Romaine knows *what* the object is, Sibert knows roughly *where* it is but Lassair’s unique ability is needed to actually find it.  Unfortunately, no one ever discussed what would happen *when* the item was found.  Bad things happen—that’s all I say.

*Love* the period detail and the mystical elements—the suspense level and mystical elements reminded me of the Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper.  Lassair, Sibert, Edild and Hrype are engaging characters and perhaps we’ll see more of Squeak, Elfritha and Hawyard as the series progresses?  Goda may be just a little too bad to be believable—I found it difficult to accept that her behavior would be tolerated.

All in all, an enjoyable read.  Although I suspected things would go the way they did, I was still flipping those pages to discover how things played out.  Out of the Dawn Light is the first of the Aelf Fen mysteries:  for more information, please visit the author’s website http://www.alysclare.com/newseries.htm

Looking forward to Mist Over the Water!


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