Blind Descent by Nevada Barr

Lechugilla Cave, located in Carlsbad Caverns National Park, is the setting for the 6th Anna Pigeon mystery.  Unlike the main tourist-friendly cave, Lechugilla is wild and largely uncharted.  Anna’s coworker and friend, Frieda Dierkz, is part of a small survey team.  There’s an accident, Frieda is badly hurt and Anna is asked to be part of the rescue team.  Battling claustrophobia every step of the way, Anna focuses on navigating through tight passages, across gaping pits and around precious formations.  Upon reaching her semi-conscious friend, she understands why Frieda so desperately wanted her to be part of the rescue team:  the accident was not an accident and Frieda needs someone by her side she can trust.  Before the end of the story, there will be two murders to solve—and possibly a new love interest for Anna.

The Anna Pigeon series just keeps getting better—and I’ve loved it from the start!  Barr does a simply incredible job conveying Anna’s struggle against claustrophobia, creating a cast of plausible suspects, and evoking the wonder and terror of this subterranean world.

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