Dancing With the Stars Season 11 Week 10


  • Kyle & Lacey danced the Foxtrot to Feeling Good (Nina Simone)  27
  • Bristol & Mark danced the Jive to Move (Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce Knowles, Anika Noni Rose)  27
  • Jennifer & Derek danced the Paso Doble to Habanera (Charlotte Church)  30
  • Kyle & Lacey danced Freestyle to Tootsie Roll (69 Boyz)  29
  • Bristol & Mark danced Freestyle to Cell Block Tango (Catherine Zeta-Jones, Deidre Goodwin, Susan Misner)  25
  • Jennifer & Derek danced Freestyle to Do You Love Me (The Contours)  30

Favorites: Jennifer & Derek!!!  Loved their Paso, loved their freestyle!

The Bristol Controversy: Okay, she’s still a teenager so maybe I should cut her some slack for her response to all of the controversy; warranted as it is, it would be hard to take.  She is a competitor and I don’t expect her to bow out, stop trying or even say that she shouldn’t be there.  While I would still be annoyed with the people voting for her, I would be less annoyed with her if she said something along the lines of “I was surprised to see Brandy go home and I will do my best to live up to the fans’ expectations”.  Instead she seems to be reacting as if people simply hate her—which maybe isn’t such a surprise, given her age.  Someone needs to help her recognize that this isn’t an “I hate Bristol” issue, it’s a “Brandy should have made it to the finals” issue.  After the show is over,  she really should watch videos of Brandy dancing and then watch videos of her own performances—maybe that would provide her some perspective.

I agree with her that she is the most improved dancer—but this isn’t a most improved dancer contest.


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    kitty said,

    Since when Charlotte Church wrote habanera? Just because she re-arranged (rather butchered) it doesn’t make the melody hers. It’s neither her melody nor her words, it’s still habanera from opera Carmen by George Bizet. Although given how badly it was sung on this show, I am not sure Bizet would’ve want credit for it. This is how it is supposed to sound: /watch?v=8U7U8abA5Co

    I do agree with you about the dancers assessment. The right person won.

    • 2

      lightheartedlibrarian said,

      Sorry about that! When I’m not familiar with the song information, I take it from the DWS website.

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