Dancing With the Stars Season 11 Week 4


  • Kurt & Anna danced the Rumba to Drops of Jupiter (Train) 15+19=34
  • Brandy & Maks danced the Rumba to This Woman’s Work (Maxwell) 22+26=48
  • Rick & Cheryl danced the Argentine Tango to Violentango (Astor Piazzolla) 19+20=39
  • Kyle & Lacey danced the Rumba to Nothin’ on You (B.O.B. featuring Robin Thicke) 18+22=40
  • Mike & Karina danced the Argentine Tango to Sweet Dreams (Tanghetto) 12+16=28
  • Florence & Corky danced the Rumba to Yesterday (Beatles) 17+18=35
  • Jennifer & Derek danced the Argentine Tango to La Cumparsita (Boulevard Tango Club) 27 + 29=56
  • Bristol & Mark danced the Rumba to Umbrella (Marie Digby) 18+14=32
  • Audrina & Tony danced the Argentine Tango to Somebody to Love (Jefferson Airplane) 24+22=46

Favorite Couples: Jennifer & Derek are my absolute favorites–their Argentine Tango was amazing!!!  I also liked Brandy & Maks’ Rumba–I was a bit uncertain of them as a couple but no longer.  *I watched some of the backstage footage this season and I’m always annoyed when I see the celebrity criticizing the professional dancer.  I think it may have been Week 2 when clips showed Brandy challenging Maks???

I also like Rick & Cheryl and I love Florence & Corky.  I’ve warmed up to Audrina & Tony–I confess, I don’t watch Reality TV so I typically take longer to warm up to those contestants.  Audrina is lovely to watch though.

Least Favorite Couples: One night in the fitness center, someone turned the channel to Jersey Shore and I took an immediate dislike to “The Situation”.  He led two girls into one bedroom, two girls into another bedroom–and put the “hippo” in a room by herself–ick, ick and jerk! Despite this, I will say that he appears somewhat endearing on DWS–it’s obvious that he’s really trying and, even though I don’t want to like him, I did like the futuristic foxtrot last week.  That said, he’s simply not dancing as well as the others.

Bristol & Mark are my other least favorite couple.  Bristol’s also trying hard but she’s clearly uncomfortable on the dance floor and that makes it a bit uncomfortable to watch her.  I thought she actually showed improvement last night but the judges did not.

Who’s Going Home: Bristol or “The Situation”–maybe???


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    lightheartedlibrarian said,

    Seeing “The Situation” complain about his scores etc removed any “endearing” thoughts I had. Yes, he did work hard but he’s not the only non-dancer in the group and he simply wasn’t performing as well–I think the scores were fair.

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