The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

The island-city of Camorr is adorned with shimmering towers, thrilling bridges and lovely sculpture gardens made of indestructible elderglass, the only remnants of a mysterious, long-lost civilization.  The physical beauty of the city stands in contrast to the vast criminal underworld which operates in its midst.

Among the criminals, one particular band stands out for its sheer audacity:  the Gentlemen Bastards, led by the brazen Locke Lamora.  While assassinations of gang leaders are carried out by the unidentifiable Gray King, and Capa Barsarvi (underworld leader) lashes out in paranoia, and rumors circulate of a secret police force led by the mysterious Spider, Lamora forges ahead with his most daring heist to date.

Lamora and his crew may be thieves but they are a likeable lot, guided by a sincere if rubbery set of ethics.  The product description calls it one part Robin Hood, one part Ocean’s Eleven, and entirely enthralling . . . and I agree.  The history revealed so far of Locke Lamora’s rise from a quick-witted orphan to an enterprising thief is intriguing but with 6 books to go in the series, there’s more to be discovered.  I hope there’s also some tie-in with the mysterious makers of the elderglass.

For more on this series, please visit .  It also appears that there may be a movie version in the works .


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