August Moon by Jess Lourey

Mira James thought that she’d found a home for herself in Battle Lake but it’s been a murderous summer—she’s stumbled across 3 corpses in as many months.  She’s also been stood up by Johnny Leeson, the local landscaper who dared her to give romance another try.  Mira decides to leave the eccentric residents of Battle Lake behind and return to Minneapolis for a more peaceful existence as a cat-collecting English professor.

Before she leaves, Mira needs to hire and train a new librarian—given that Mrs. Berns is set on scaring the applicants off with her cap guns, this may be problematic.  And unfortunately, Mira will follow the police cars to another dead body—one of  someone dear to her.  She resolves to solve this murder before she moves on and her instincts tell her that the new Church in town is involved . . . .

I love Mira James!  Fellow librarians will appreciate her love of storytimes and her stance on the freedom to read freely.  Mira is witty, warm and vulnerable—let’s hope that she gives Battle Lake another chance!


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