Dancing With the Stars Season 10 Week 10 Finals Part 1


  • Erin & Maks danced the Samba to Mi Swing Es Tropical (Quantic and Nicodemus)  29
  • Evan & Anna danced the Viennese Waltz to Piano Man  (Billy Joel)  28
  • Nicole & Derek danced the Rumba to The Lady In Red (Chris DeBurgh)  28
  • Erin & Maks danced their freestyle to Alone  (Heart)  26
  • Evan & Anna danced their freestyle to Footloose (Kenny Loggins)  24
  • Nicole & Derek danced their freestyle to A Little Less Conversation (Elvis Presley)  27

Thoughts: I loved Nicole & Derek’s routines—and I love, love, love that Derek blended different types of dance into the Freestyle—this is always what I’m hoping to see in this round.  I also liked Erin & Maks’ Freestyle—it worked for them.

I am so disappointed in Evan—he made Anna cry and I am still shocked by his behavior.  I am always annoyed when the celebrities try to tell their dancers how to choreograph but to see Evan do it just floored me.  Not only did the choreography suffer but I believe their practice time suffered and their performance suffered.  Worse, Evan’s nice guy appeal suffered.  *The only time I haven’t gotten annoyed with a celebrity challenging her dancer was when Erin was afraid of jumping off of the stage—that was an impressive but scary jump!

Predictions: Up until last night I thought Evan had a shot at the trophy but I think the backstage footage combined with the performance probably set him back to 3rd.  I think Nicole & Derek will take the trophy and Erin & Maks will take 2nd.


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