Thoughts on Lost (part 28)

Questions Answered.

  • Jacob and Smokey are brothers
  • I can understand why Smokey said his mother was crazy
  • Jacob did strip Smokey’s soul from his body.
  • Jacob can’t lie and he’s apparently been a happy, optimistic soul from the beginning
  • Smokey can lie pretty easily and he’s had a dissatisfied, pessimistic soul from the beginning. Oh, and Smokey can see & talk to dead people.
  • It was the Others from Jacob and Smokey’s childhood that dug wells and built the donkey wheel.
  • The “Adam & Eve” skeletons are Other Mother and Smokey

Why has Jacob been appearing to Smokey as a kid?  To remind him of better times?  *I’m a little bothered that Sawyer can see kid Jacob too—I don’t want Sawyer to be the next Smokey.

Island Guardian?  Demi-Goddess?  Crazy Lady? We really don’t know how long the Other Mother has been on the Island but I’m going to assume that it’s been awhile.  I’m also going to assume that she does have some supernatural powers, either inherently or from accepting the cup/grail from the Island’s previous Guardian.  Going along with that, I’m guessing that the Island has always had some sort of Guardian and that knowledge is passed on to the replacement through a drink from the special carafe.  Is the knowledge passed on unfiltered or is it shaped by individual perceptions over time?  Is some knowledge lost?

Why did the Other Mother kill Claudia and lie to the boys?  I think the birth of two babies, as of yet uncontaminated by contact with people, was too good of an opportunity to let pass.  I think she was already thinking of her replacement and I think she saw him in baby Smokey.  If she had let Claudia live, Claudia would have eventually found her shipmates and the twins would have been raised by regular, flawed humans.  As far as lying to the boys, I think she was waiting until they were old enough to “understand” everything she had done.  *Did the Other Mother bring the ship to the Island, knowing a pregnant woman was on board?

Why did the Other Mother hit Smokey over the head and kill the Others?  To keep them from getting into the light and becoming numerous angry smokeys?  She did say that going into the light would be far worse than death and it did look look like they were going to accomplish it.  Why didn’t she just share what she knew with Smokey?  I can understand her wanting to let them grow up before sharing information but Claudia’s ghost removed that choice.  Why didn’t she reach out to Smokey over the years?  Had she already ruled him out as the Guardian and just hadn’t considered how serious he was about getting off the Island?  Shouldn’t a Guardian be keeping closer tabs on the Island’s inhabitants anyway?

She thanked Smokey for murdering her—I’m guessing that eternal life guarding an Island and killing innocent people to serve the greater good takes its toll and she was grateful to be released from her obligation.  She may have wanted to ease his guilt too, hoping that Jacob would fill him in on all the things that she’d kept secret for so long and that he’d finally understand everything.  *I also wonder if Jacob was ready for the same release, and that’s why he let Ben kill him.  I wonder if the smirking kid Jacob isn’t smirking because he sees that Smokey won’t succeed but is smirking because he knows that Smokey’s about to be replaced too and they can be kids together again.

The Rules. I had hoped for more clarification here.  The Other Mother said that she had made it so that Jacob and Smokey couldn’t harm each other but apparently that doesn’t include bloody fistfights or even separating Smokey’s soul from his body.  I’m guessing that as Smokey grew angrier over the years, he did try to kill Jacob and couldn’t—but was it all a bluff until Jacob became the Guardian?  Like Smokey, the Other Mother can lie and has repeatedly to serve her own agenda.

I’m guessing that the Guardian-protection goes away once the new Guardian has accepted the job.  Sooo, I’m a little worried about our other Losties once someone (Jack?) accepts the job.

I think Jacob and Smokey only became truly tied to the Island when Jacob accepted Guardianship and when Smokey was tossed into the light.  *Although Jacob can apparently leave when he wants to but maybe that’s because the Guardian makes the rules?

What is Smokey’s name??? He has to have a name, I would like to know it and I think there must be a good reason we haven’t been given it yet.

The Island. This Garden of Eden type of place holds a cave of light that provides good things like life and rebirth but its sheer power is too much to encounter directly.  I understand needing to keep people from entering the light.  I can only guess that Smokey carries so much of its negative power that would be too much for the world if it were anywhere but the Island.  Or, pessimist that he is, he would choose to cleanse the whole world of humanity’s corruption.  And I’m guessing that Smokey knew some of the Candidates had survived because he still felt the tie to the Island.

Is there a way to release Smokey from his fate, put the power back into the light and have everything turn out okay???

Other random thoughts. Jacob pummeled Smokey on at least two occasions but Smokey never raised a hand back.  Is the loom just a loom or representative of weaving fate?


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  1. 1

    Janssen said,

    I’m so glad to finally get to read your thoughts on LOST, since I’m FINALLY caught up.

    • 2

      lightheartedlibrarian said,

      I may be way off on my thoughts but it’s still fun trying to piece everything together. Have you read Doc Jensen’s column, Totally Lost? Love it! I particularly like the nicknames he gives to the different characters.

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