Knee High by the Fourth of July by Jess Lourey

The small town of Battle Lake, Minnesota loves its festivals.   Chief Wenonga Days are just around the corner but there’s a problem:  the large statue of the Chief is missing.  There’s also the fact that the main evidence left behind includes a partial scalp and a full set of Mira James’ fingerprints.

While Mira is tracking down clues around town, hoping to find the culprits before Head of Police Gary Wohnt finds her, she discovers a dead body.  As if her new talent for finding dead bodies isn’t bad enough, this time she suspects that she was led to the body by someone wanting to set her up for the crime.  Someone tall, blond and dreamy.

Knee High by the Fourth of July is a fun read.  Mira’s settling into her librarianship role—I particularly like the quip about Janet Evanovich readalikes!  Kennie Rogers and Mrs. Berns are up to their usual antics: one wonders what would happen if they ever met up with Lula and Grandma Mazur.  Looking forward to August Moon!


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