June Bug by Jess Lourey

Back in the days of Prohibition, the wealthy Addams family had a lovely lodge built on the shoreline of Whiskey Lake.  One summer, a guest reportedly lost a diamond necklace while swimming in the lake.  The necklace was never found.

The current owners of the property think that reviving the lost-necklace story is great publicity for their resort and soon a newspaper contest brings treasure seekers to Mira James’ adopted town of Battle Lake.  Mira herself is intrigued and dives in search of the necklace; unfortunately, she finds a weighted-down body instead.  A fake shooting and a real kidnapping later, Mira pieces together the connections between the old and new mysteries.  Unfortunately, Mira’s knack for figuring out the clues is thwarted by the fact that the bad guy is too close for comfort and he’s quite comfortable with violence.

I enjoyed this mystery very much—it feels like the series is finding its footing.   I love Mira’s wry observations on life, her addiction to Nut Goodies, her continued paranoia of birds plotting against her, and her attachment to her pets.  I’m looking forward to the development of her new love interest.  All that said, I do wonder why Mira didn’t consider changing the locks on her trailer in addition to her other precautions.  The Jason-Sunny storyline also bothered me.

Looking forward to Knee High by the Fourth of July!!!

For more information about the author or the books, please visit http://www.jesslourey.com/


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