Dancing With the Stars Season 10 Week 6


  • Jake & Chelsie danced the Samba to Comanche (The Revels)  21
  • Evan & Anna danced the Samba to Hey Mama (The Black Eyed Peas)  21
  • Niecy & Louis danced the Argentine Tango to El Sonido De La Milonga (Campo)  21
  • Erin & Maks danced the Samba to When I Get You Alone (Robin Thicke)  25
  • Chad & Cheryl danced the Argentine Tango to Mas De Los Mismo (Tanghetto)  24
  • Nicole & Derek danced the Samba to Maria (Ricky Martin)  26
  • Pamela & Damian danced the Argentine Tango to Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode)  22

Swing Dance Marathon Scores:

  • Jake & Chelsie 4
  • Niecy & Louis 5
  • Evan & Anna 6
  • Chad & Cheryl 7
  • Pamela & Damian 8
  • Erin & Maks 9
  • Nicole & Derek 10

Favorite Couples: Evan & Anna are my favorite couple.  That said, the Argentine Tangos by Chad & Cheryl and Pamela & Damian were sexy!!!  I also liked Niecy & Louis’ Argentine Tango, Nicole & Derek’s Samba and Erin & Maks’ Samba.  *I’m not sure why Len didn’t like Maks without his shirt—it definitely worked for me!

Least Favorite Couple: Even though he performs well enough, I still dislike Jake.

Judges: Very well-behaved, I was impressed.  Constructive criticism with encouragement—that’s what I like.  As far as Len’s tirade against Maks & Erin, I don’t understand the issue with Maks taking off his shirt—it didn’t detract from the time spent dancing.  As far as leaving important steps out—well, Len knows that better than I do, so I trust him there.

Who’s Going Home: Jake, please.  I’m worried for Pamela though—even though she dances & performs well, she doesn’t seem to have a strong fan-base.

Other Thoughts: Even though Evan & Anna are my favorite couple and I liked their routine, I agree with the Judges that it was a bit disjointed.  I did wonder if Cheryl’s comment to Chad about “faking it” for the audience applied to more than who was leading whom—am I the only one who thought she had a smirk on her face when she said it?  Pam’s comment about not wanting to “manipulate the audience” reinforced that thought.


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