Dancing With the Stars Season 10 Week 3


  • Evan & Anna danced the Quickstep to Hot Honey Rag (from Chicago)  26
  • Buzz & Ashly danced the Waltz to What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)  13
  • Jake & Chelsie danced the Quickstep to Walk Like an Egyptian (Bangles)  21
  • Niecy & Louis danced the Waltz to With You I’m Born Again (Billy Preston)  21
  • Chad & Cheryl danced the Paso Doble to Cancion del Mariachi (Los Lobos)  20
  • Pam & Damian danced the Paso Doble to Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (The Animals)  21
  • Aiden & Edyta danced the Quickstep to Hey, Soul Sister (Train)  20
  • Erin & Maks danced the Waltz to See the Day (Dee C. Lee)    23
  • Kate & Tony danced the Paso Doble to Paparazzi (Lady Gaga)  15
  • Nicole & Derek danced the Quickstep to Anything Goes (Cole Porter and Stacey Kent)  23

Favorite Couples: Evan & Anna and Erin & Maks are at the top of my favorite list.  That said, Nicole & Derek are definitely fun to watch and should make it to the finals (but they need to follow the rules).  I’m continuing to warm up to Pam and Damian.  *Loved the song that Niecy & Louis danced to.  Loved, loved, loved Erin dancing the waltz blindfolded!!!

Least Favorite Couples: Kate & Tony.  Kate was much more relaxed on the dance floor and I do think she embraced her “character” well—but, she’s painful to watch.  It was a slow Paso Doble—I agree with the judges, it did look like she was walking through it.  Her movements are still awkward and it just doesn’t seem like she’s capable of achieving the same grace on the dance floor that most of her competitors have.

I still don’t like Jake (he seems cocky) BUT I did like this routine and I have to admit, he performs well.

Judges: Mostly well-behaved this evening—mostly respectful with constructive criticism to offer.  Please continue.

Who’s Going Home: Please, please, please let it be Kate.  She may be a smidge better than Buzz technically but he is easier to watch.

Other Thoughts: I could have done without the footage of Aiden vomiting.  Once again, I find myself questioning the “drama” backstage—I would be happy to do without it anyway, but the drama between Nicole & Derek seemed staged.


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