Thoughts on Lost (Part 21)

What an episode!  Scary Claire!  Scary Sayid!  Scary Smokey!

Love Miles—not in the same way that I love Sawyer but I’m glad that he’s still on the show—for the moment, anyway.

Deals. Dogen says that Jacob offered to save the life of his son IF Dogen came to the Island.  Dogen is in the temple and as this seems to be off-limits to Smokey, it doesn’t seem likely that Smokey was masquerading as Jacob to make this happen.  Could Smokey have left the Island, even as an apparition?  All evidence so far points to no—there have been many references to him being trapped on the Island.  Sooo, this means Jacob’s not above harsh measures to accomplish his goals.  Did he have anything to do with the car accident that placed Dogen in this position?  If so, what does that tell us about him?

Smokey offers Sayid the chance to bring someone back from the dead (and I’m sure Sayid was thinking of Nadia and not Shannon).  It seems likely that Jacob can bring someone back, at least from the brink of death—can Smokey actually bring someone back from death?  Or would he only bring back a semblance of a person, a golem or a zombie?

Dual Storylines. I still think the Parallel Universe is a possibility.  I do wonder if we’re seeing a reality without Jacob’s influence—which may indicate that he was manipulating the Losties all along.  I’ve read other speculations which indicate that this is the reality if Smokey wins—for example, Nadia is alive but Sayid can’t have her (either because Sayid won’t let himself for the reasons stated OR because Smokey is just mean that way).

The Pool. Even though the water turned murky after Jacob died, Sayid still came back to life after being drowned in its waters.  Jacob was seen stirring the waters later—can a “ghost” cleanse the waters or was he just drawing whatever information he could from the ripples—or was he just stirring the waters as something to do while he waited for Hurley?  Anyway, Dogen and Lennon were last left floating in the pool’s waters . . . .  It’s been suggested that Sayid really did this deliberately so they could be resurrected but if he did so, I think his purpose would have been to “infect” them—his demeanor was quite scary at the end.

Who’s Coming? Okay, I’ve been waiting to see what Jacob’s last words meant—still no clue.  Is someone coming to the Island—and if so, who?  Desmond?  Aaron?  Walt?  Little Kwon?  Widmore?

The Rules. Whose rules do Jacob and Smokey abide by?  Did Smokey NOT kill Sayid because he couldn’t (because Sayid is a candidate and it’s against the rules?)  Or, did Smokey NOT kill Sayid because he realized that he could turn him to his purposes—or both?  Who’s the kid?

Leadership Among the Others. These people are complicated.  Richard seems to be an advisor, Ben was “in charge” of one group, Dogen was the Temple leader.  My head hurts.

Apparitions. Who was appearing as Christian?  His body was never found and at least one of the Island’s supermen claims he can raise the dead.  Christian led Jack to the caves (and water).  Christian was seen hanging out with loopy Claire in Jacob’s cabin.  Christian “released” Michael.  Christian appeared to Jack back on the Mainland.  I think Christian also appeared to Locke on the Mainland but I can’t quite remember?  So, is this the same entity in each instance—and if so, is he with Jacob or Smokey?

And then there’s the apparition of Claire that spoke to Kate.  Since Scary-Claire was under the impression the Others had Aaron, this was either her ghost (and Scary-Claire is some sort of golem) OR someone was impersonating her—but who?


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    Melissa said,

    Scary! Scary! Scary! is right. I have a fear that Smokey was Christian since Smokey appears as dead people, whereas Jacob has appeared as himself. The guy in the cabin when John first met “Jacob,” who asked for help, I believe was Smokey asking for help.

    I read that someone is coming to the island. So we are waiting, waiting, waiting. It’s someone not currently on the island.

    I believe Desmond is a clue to the Sideways storyline. He disappeared off the plane in the premiere episode and was always immune to the time shifts according to Faraday.

    BTW, another option for David’s mother…Charlotte. The actress is returning to the show.

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