Shards of Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold

A scientific team discovers that there is more to be found on the uninhabited planet they are surveying than hexapods and strange floating parasites.  A skirmish leaves two “enemies” dependent upon one another for survival—and as they discover the truths behind the misconceptions, they also discover that they like each other—very much.

Despite their feelings for one another, they are still on opposite sides of an intergalactic war.  Each will choose to play their part in the battles to come, but at what cost?

I like the questions raised about honor.  I like the romance, even if they both seemed certain about their feelings fairly early.  I like the fact that they continue to respect each other even though they firmly remain on opposite sides in the conflict.

I’m troubled by the Vorrutyer-Vorkosigan-Emperor storyline—mostly because it seems so out of character for Vorkosigan (and yes, I know that’s part of the point).  The  Bothari-Vorrutyer storyline was also troubling—Bothari can refuse when Vorkosigan’s woman is the one to be harmed, but only then?


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