The Sharing Knife: Legacy by Lois McMaster Bujold

As feared, the Lakewalkers are opposed to marriage between Dag and Fawn: they feel that the bloodline and thereby Lakewalker powers will be diminished if the marriage is allowed to stand. Despite Fawn and Dag’s best efforts to win everyone over, a council meeting is planned to rule on the legitimacy of their marriage.  Lifelong banishment from his home, his people and his life’s purpose is one possible outcome Dag faces if he chooses to remain with Fawn.

In the meantime, Dag is called away by a Malice attack on a neighboring hinterland.  The Malice is like none the Lakewalkers have ever encountered (which raises more questions about the origins of these creatures).  This Malice lays an intricate trap which ensnares several Lakewalkers; Fawn’s ingenuity saves them, but will that act be enough to override years of prejudice?  Dag comprehends that the survival of both peoples is dependent upon building connections rather than maintaining separations—but can he and Fawn help everyone else see this before it’s too late?  And what’s happening with Dag’s powers???

Another engaging read.  Again, I’m more drawn to the broader story than I am to Dag and Fawn’s romance—their romance is sweet and it is definitely the foundation of the series but it’s too easy.  Despite their different backgrounds, despite the difference in their ages, despite the fallout that their romance brings, there are no misunderstandings or uncertainties between them.   It’s sweet but it’s too easy to be entirely convincing.


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