City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

The city of Ember was created more than 200 years ago by The Builders: it was intended to help humans survive until enough time had passed for conditions to improve.   The city was stocked with enough supplies to last until it would be safe for the residents to “return”.  Instructions for the return were placed in a secure box which would automatically open when the time was right.  Unfortunately, the box was lost and no one was present when it opened . . . .

The current residents of Ember know nothing of life outside the city; there are not even rumors of life before Ember.  There is only the city and the Great Unknown, for Ember is a dark place, lit only by streetlamps for 12 hours each day.  People have tried to explore the tunnels but without any “movable” light, the only ones to return do so without any progress, only terror.

Supplies are now running out and the generator which has kept the city running all of these years is failing.  Blackouts are occurring frequently and lasting longer, leaving the residents of Ember in complete darkness.  While most of the city panics, new “graduates” Doon and Lina search for answers.

Loved it!  My only criticism with the book is that the solution to Doon and Lina’s last dilemma seems a bit too easy.  (I’ve plenty of criticisms for a society that determines employment by drawing slips of paper!)


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    michelle said,

    The next one in the series I loved even more-The People of Sparks, I think. Continues the journey!

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