Dancing With the Stars Season 9 Week 7


  • Michael & Anna danced the Foxtrot to Sunny Afternoon (Kinks)  23
  • Donny & Kym danced the Quickstep to Sing, Sing, Sing (Andrews Sisters)  24
  • Mark & Anna danced the Samba to Switch (Will Smith)  19
  • Mya & Dmitry danced the Foxtrot to Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby (Dinah Washington)  25
  • Aaron & Karina danced the Jive to We’re Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister)  29
  • Kelly & Louis danced the Salsa to Good Lovin’ (Kenny Ortega)  24
  • Joanna & Derek danced the Rumba to The Look of Love (Diana Krall)  27
  • Team Paso (Mark & Anna, Aaron & Karina, Mya & Dmitry, Michael & Anna) danced to I Hate Myself for Loving You (Joan Jett)  24
  • Team Tango (Joanna & Derek, Kelly & Louis, Donny & Kym) danced to You Give Love a Bad Name (Bon Jovi)  28

Favorite Couples: No surprises here–I still like Mya & Dmitry, Joanna & Derek, Donny & Kym, Kelly & Louis.  I grudgingly acknowledge that Aaron & Karina danced well.

Who’s Going Home: Maybe Mark? Maybe Michael?

Other Thoughts: Of all the people he could have asked, Dmitry invited Cloris Leachman to give Mya some pointers???   Good thing you’re cute Dmitry.


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