Dancing With the Stars Season 9 Week 6


  • Mya & Dmitry danced the Jitterbug to C’mon Everbody (Eddie Cochran)  24
  • Melissa & Mark danced the Waltz to Only One Road (Celine Dion)  20
  • Mark & Lacey danced the Jitterbug to This Cat’s On a Hot Tin Roof (Brian Setzer Orchestra)  26
  • Aaron & Karina danced the Waltz to Three Times a Lady (The Commodores)  25
  • Michael & Anna danced the Waltz to I Wonder Why (Curtis Stigers)  20
  • Kelly & Louis danced the Jitterbug to Bread and Butter (The Newbeats)  20
  • Louie & Chelsie danced the Jitterbug to Baby Likes to Rock It (The Tractors)  21
  • Joanna & Derek danced the Waltz to Be Here to Love Me (Norah Jones)  26
  • Donny & Kym danced the Jitterbug to Choo Choo Ch’Boogie (Indigo Swing) 24

Favorite Couples: Mya & Dmitry, Joanna & Derek, Kelly & Louis, Donny & Kym.  *I have to admit that Aaron & Karina seem to have hit their stride—they are performing well together.

Who’s Going Home: I have no idea.  I’m hoping that it’s Michael and Louie but they seem to have a strong following.  Maybe Melissa and Aaron???

Other Thoughts: I barely paid attention last night (not feeling great), I muted everything but the dances and Bruno still managed to annoy me.


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