How Well Do You Know Adrian Mole?

1) Adrian’s favorite candy bar is

  • a) Butterfinger
  • b) Snickers
  • c) Mars
  • d) Reeses
  • e) all of the above

2) While cat-sitting for the Braithwaites, Adrian

  • a) posts Ivan’s resignation letter as vice-chairperson of the Elm Ward Labour Party
  • b) accidentally sets fire to the study
  • c) loses the cat
  • d) forgets to feed the cat
  • e) all of the above

3) Adrian has an American friend named

  • a) Bill
  • b) Steve
  • c) Joe
  • d) Hamish
  • e) all of the above

4) Adrian once

  • a) painted his room black
  • b) wore red socks to school, inadvertently starting a Sock Protest
  • c) attached a note to the dog’s collar to alert his father that he was ill
  • d) presented his girlfriend with the book Crash! just before she boarded a flight to Tunisia
  • e) all of the above

5)  Adrian considers himself to be

  • a) an intellectual
  • b) an expert on the Norwegian leather industry
  • c) a poet
  • d) none of the above
  • e) all of the above

1 Response so far »

  1. 1

    lightheartedlibrarian said,

    1. c

    2. a (in his defense, he saw it on the desk and thought Mr. Braithwaite had simply forgotten to mail it himself)

    3. d

    4. e

    5. e

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