Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris

Aside of the activities of  drainers and Fellowship of the Sun devotees, the “coming out” of the vampires has been well-accepted so the Weres decide that it’s time for them to come out of the closet as well.  Sookie’s worried about her Were friends—but she’s even more worried about the two FBI agents who have just shown up on her doorstep.  She’s finally been identified as one of the two people who helped search for survivors after the Pyramids-bombing and the FBI is very interested in her “abilities”.

Sookie doesn’t have much time to worry about the government’s intentions for her—the Fairies are now in the midst of a war and her partial-fey heritage makes her a prime target.  If she survives the Fairies, and she convinces the government that she has no special abilities, she may just have time to check into the complications of being married to a vampire . . .


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    Melissa said,

    So much better than the last few books. She decimated the scope of people in Sookie’s life, but I’m hoping it means Book 10 is the finale. The ending ripped at me because I am completely torn concerning which man is the best option for her.

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