Thoughts on Lost (Part 16)

Are Sayid and Jack responsible for adult Ben’s issues? Okay, Roger’s abysmal parenting choices predisposed Ben to the Others—but maybe that could have been negated by a friendly adult looking out for him—maybe.  Ben was apparently fond of Horace, so maybe not.  However, Sayid, someone Ben trusted,  shot him (and despite Richard’s assertion that Ben wouldn’t remember anything, I think maybe he does).  Jack’s refusal to save young Ben forced intervention by the Others at an early age.

How did Richard save young Ben? Some mystical rite, some manipulation of the Island’s natural energies?  Who is Richard—what time is he from—why does he ‘play’ advisor rather than leader?

What lies in the Shadow of the Statue? Is this the well with the ‘wheel of time’?  The temple?  Is it just a secret question/answer code for Ilana & company?  Who’s behind Ilana & company anyway?

Can the past be changed? If you can travel backward in time and interact with the people you see there, sure you can change things.

Eloise: Is she so focused on ‘the greater good’ that she’s willing to sacrifice her son?  Is she so convinced that the past can’t be changed—or so afraid of the ripple effect if it can—that she sees no reason to try?  Did she believe that pushing Daniel so hard when he was young would allow him to find a way to alter the chain of events—and then give in to fate when his experiments went awry?

Other Thoughts: Loved the time travel discussion between Hurley and Miles a few episodes ago!  Love Sawyer!  I’m still surprised that Kate confided in Cassidy as quickly as she did.


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    lightheartedlibrarian said,

    Another question—Widmore is desperate to get back to the island—why wasn’t he on the freighter?

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