Dancing With the Stars Season 8 Week 8


  • Gilles & Cheryl did the Lindy Hop to Go Daddy-O (Big Voodoo Daddy) 27
  • Lil’ Kim & Derek did the Paso Doble to El Gato Montes (Panella) 28
  • Chuck & Julianne did Cha Cha Cha to I’m Outta Love (Anastacia) 26
  • Shawn & Mark did the Samba to Get Down On It (Kool and the Gang) 27
  • Melissa & Tony rehearsed the Jive to We Got the Beat (Go Go’s) 21
  • Ty & Chelsie did the Salsa to Vehicle (Ides of March) 24
  • Team 1  (Chuck, Shawn & ‘Melissa’) did the Mambo to Single Ladies (Beyonce) 25
  • Team 2  (Gilles, Lil’ Kim & Ty)did the Tango to Womanizer (Spears) 28

Favorite Couples: Gilles & Cheryl, Shawn & Mark and Melissa & Tony are still my top 3 couples.  I don’t really like the Lindy Hop but I thought Gilles did it well.  Melissa was out due to injury but I think her performances so far have earned her another week in the competition.

Who’s Going Home: Probably Ty or Chuck.  I like Ty better so I hope he stays in the competition one more week!

Other Thoughts: Team Tango–wow!


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