All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

The vampires just love Sookie’s ability to read minds.  The Queen of Louisiana has summoned her to a vampire summit—vampire politics are apparently much nastier than regular politics and the Queen needs any edge she can find.  Sookie’s not overly fond of the Queen or her entourage but the paycheck promises to be good, clothing expenses are provided and Quinn will be there.  Unfortunately Bill and Eric will be there as well—Sookie is still reeling from the devasting revelation about Bill in Definitely Dead—and Eric, well things with Eric are always complicated.

If only being in close proximity to the Queen, Andre and Bill were all that Sookie had to worry about.  In short order the Arkansas vampires will be taken out, a bomb will be planted outside of Louisiana’s door and all signs point to something big from the Fellowship of the Sun.  Sookie will find herself tied a little more closely to Eric—and she’ll discover something unsettling about Quinn’s past.  On the plus side, Sookie does get to reunite with Barry the bellboy—the only other telepath she’s ever met.


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  1. 1

    Melissa said,

    I felt this was more of a clean up book. Harris was removing all the characters she couldn’t further use.

  2. 2

    Delia said,

    Wow, she really did remove a lot of characters! But I don’t think it was all clean up. We learned more about what Bill is doing, and Eric…? Well! And we learned more about Quinn, which will explain his actions in later books.

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