Dancing With the Stars Season 8 Week 3


  • Denise & Maks samba’d to Take a Picture (Filter) 16
  • Chuck & Julianne did the foxtrot to All I Want to Do (Sugarland) 23
  • Holly & Dmitri samba’d to Belly Dancer (Akon) 17
  • Steve-O & Lacey did the foxtrot to I’m Yours (Mraz) 15
  • Lawrence & Edyta samba’d to I Can’t Get Next to You (Temptations) 20
  • Shawn & Mark did the foxtrot to More Than This (Hunter/Jones) 27
  • Gilles & Cheryl samba’d to Matador (Los Faulosos Cadillacs) 27
  • David & Kym did the foxtrot to Come Rain or Come Shine (Cole) 24
  • Steve & Karina samba’d to Jump in the Line (Belafonte) 10
  • 7Melissa & Tony did the foxtrot to Recipe for Love (Connick) 27
  • Lil’ Kim & Derek samba’d to Remedio P’al Corazon  (Plaza) 25
  • Ty & Chelsie did the foxtrot to Come Dance With Me (Sinatra) 23

Favorite Couples: Gilles & Cheryl, Shawn & Mark, Lawrence & Edyta, Ty & Chelsie

Who’s Going Home: Steve Wozniak?

Other Thoughts: Gilles & Cheryl,  Shawn & Mark and Melissa & Tony are probably the couples to beat.


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