Dancing With the Stars Season 8 Week 2


  • Holly & Dmitri danced the Quickstep to We Are In Love (Connick) 18
  • David & Kym danced the Salsa to El Cumbanchero (Melendez) 17
  • Denise & Maks danced the Quickstep to We Go Together (Grease soundtrack) 21
  • Belinda & Jonathan danced the Salsa to Higher (Estefan) 18
  • Ty & Chelsea danced the Quickstep to Life Is A Highway (Flatts) 20
  • Shawn & Mark danced the Salsa to Las Muchachas (Pacheo)  24
  • Steve & Karina danced the Quickstep to Oh Boy! (Holly) 17
  • Chuck & Julianne danced the Salsa to Say Hey (Franti)  20
  • Lawrence & Edyta danced the Quickstep to As Long As I’m Singing (Setzer) 20
  • Steve-O & Lacey danced the Salsa to Cobrastyle (Teddybears) 14
  • Lil’ Kim & Derek danced the Quickstep to Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend (Monroe) 23
  • Melissa & Tony danced the Salsa to Cup of Life (Martin) 26
  • Gilles & Cheryl danced the Quickstep to Kryptonite (3 Doors Down) 27

Favorite Couples: Gilles & Cheryl, Shawn & Mark, Lawrence & Edyta, Ty & Chelsie

Who’s Going Home: I’m late posting this so I’ll only say that I expected it to be Steve W.

Other Thoughts: I love Gilles & Cheryl!  The quickstep is one of my least favorite dances but that routine was perfect!  Ty and Denise were the most improved celebrities.


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