Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

Men.  Sookie’s annoyed with her boyfriend Bill—he’s been distant and secretive of late—he’s also less concerned with her welfare than he is that of his snobby descendants.  Sookie is apparently not the only one wanting answers from Bill—he’s been kidnapped.

Sookie’s heart will be broken as she learns of Bill’s plans but she will still risk her life to save his.  Alcide, an attractive werewolf, will help.  Alcide is also nursing a broken heart but there is a definite connection between him and Sookie—Bill may have competition.  Eric, the sexy viking vampire, is always ready to make a move as well.

There’s one really difficult scene between Sookie and Bill but it’s difficult because it’s believable.  Still enjoying the series—and now hoping that Sookie gives Bill the boot and Alcide a chance.

(If you’ve ever wondered about Elvis sightings, this series may have answers for you . . .)


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    Melissa said,

    I can’t stress how difficult the whole scenario with Bill is in this book. I really had a hard time reading it and the”critical” scene between Sookie and Bill upset me because it was the one time I felt bad for him. As soon as he realized what he had done, he was upset. Sookie, on the other hand, was not as affected by the situation.

    Sorry, not crazy for the werewolves either. I did not care for Alcide since he is another selfish loser, like Bill. I know I’m harsh about it, but him and his ex belong together.

    The person who I like is Eric. I’m so cliche. The bad boy who does good. The possibility of him reforming is too appealing to me. Plus, he is blunt and honest about what he wants from Sookie. He also is determined to get what he wants, unlike Bill who did what he did and Sam who didn’t approach her until it was too late.

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    lightheartedlibrarian said,

    I think she was in a state of shock–I’m wondering if we’re going to receive more of her reaction later. Although I understood what happened, I didn’t feel as bad for Bill as you did–I felt bad for Sookie.

    I still think Alcide is a good guy–he’s helping her in order to repay the the debt his dad owes the vamps. Despite the fact that he’s in an uncomfortable situation, he’s kind and considerate towards Sookie. He does hook up with his ex but he and Sookie had already determined the timing wasn’t right for them—and he’d already acknowledged that he still had feelings for the ex. When his ex wants him to kill Sookie, well, you know what he says!

    I do like Eric as well–trying to reform him would probably be fun but I don’t think he’s as capable of change as say someone like Sawyer.

    We need to have this discussion on goodreads so Michelle can worry about us . . .

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