Thoughts on Lost (Part 8)

Big Questions of the Night—How many times has Daniel Faraday been to the island?  Was Widmore an ‘Other’ to begin with or was he accepted into the group later?  Why did Widmore leave the island?  Recurring Questions–Who are the island’s original inhabitants?  What’s Charlotte’s story?

Daniel Faraday.  Apparently he’s been to the island a few times.  Was he involved with the island before Widmore approached him for help?

Widmore.  I’m guessing that he’s not an original ‘other’.  I’m also guessing that he was forced off of the island because he didn’t follow their rules.  He killed one of his team members (Others aren’t supposed to kill Others); he also seems less than respectful of Richard.

Others.  They’ve apparently been doing the Latin language thing for a while so did they begin as a Utopian society?

Charlotte.  It seems apparent that she’s been on the island before, probably as a child—is her child ‘self’ somewhere on the island during these jumps and is that why she’s having such adverse reactions?


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