Dewey: the small-town library cat who touched the world by Vicky Myron

Four heartwarming stories in one package.  Dewey may claim the title and the cover, but we actually learn more about the author, the small town of Spencer, and the library Dewey called home than we do the cat himself.  To some extent, that makes sense—in order to understand how he touched lives, it’s helpful to know the trials those lives faced.  On the other hand, I wanted Dewey to be more than the thread that tied everything together—he was a thread, an important one—but I wanted more of just Dewey.  I definitely would have liked more photos of him.

Dewey reminds us that we can overcome adversity and small towns can survive.  Dewey also reminds us that  libraries are community centers—-we may not all have cats to greet patrons when times are bad, but we provide places for people to interact—we also provide resources so that patrons can find the information they need  and we provide opportunities to expand their horizons.  Finally, Dewey reminds us of the unconditional love  and comfort our pets offer us.


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