Spectre by Phaedra Weldon

Because the premise was interesting, I was going to give Zoe Martinique #2 a try—but I stopped on page 3—in reference to her rape, our main character comments “Not something to recover from quickly either.  Sort of like puberty.”   Maybe Zoe’s flippant remarks about her rape are supposed to be her way of distancing herself from the event . . . maybe her constant thoughts about sex are another way of telling herself that it didn’t traumatize her (while at the funeral of a friend, she wonders if the priest is wearing underwear) . . . but it feels like Weldon is trying to copy the flippant style of Janet Evanovich without considering the context.  On to the next book on my list . . . .


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    Melissa said,

    That’s really appalling. JD Robb uses the context of rape to define Eve Dallas in her books. It works because Dallas continuously struggles with it even after finding a good man. She doesn’t allow it to victimize her, but the horror is always with her. If you’re going to create such a traumatizing event for your character, you can’t shrug it and be nonchalant. It gives the wrong impression.

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