Wraith by Phaedra Weldon

I like the premise of this series—Zoe can astral project and travel unseen outside her body—she uses this ability to spy for a living.   I like the Tim and Steve storyline (ghosts who live in her mom’s house).   I’d like to see further development of her mom and her best friend’s characters.  I don’t like the numerous sex references Weldon scatters throughout the book—sometimes they fit the scene but too often they don’t and they only detract from the story.

After a fast-paced beginning, Weldon lost me at the end—I’m still trying to figure out how things turned out the way they did.

Since the premise is interesting, I’m considering giving book 2 a try—Wraith appears to be Weldon’s first novel so maybe she’ll have the kinks worked out in book 2—or maybe I’ll learn to appreciate her style . . . .

Overall review: undecided.  Review journals have praised the book—customers on Amazon have blasted it—I’m somewhere between.



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