Anyone But You by Jennifer Crusie

Okay romance between a recently-divorced older woman and a skittish younger man.   Alex is skittish because women automatically start making wedding/baby plans when he asks them out—and, yes they make their intentions clear to him—does this really happen on a regular basis to doctors???  His character loses points (with me) because he comments that he would never get serious with a woman who had sex with him on the first date—he’d have sex with her, sure, but he couldn’t respect her—what makes him think he’s more respectable than she is???  His love-interest, Nina, on the other hand is quite likable.  She’s independent, she’s taken the lessons from her marriage to heart—and she adopted an older dog from the shelter instead of a cute puppy because she knew the puppies wouldn’t have trouble finding homes but Fred’s time was about to run out.

Alex’s flaws aside, the romance between him and Nina is sweet (and hot).  Fred is adorable and likely to inspire a visit to the local animal shelter . . . .


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