Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson


Tricked into releasing Ruin (Well of Ascension), Vin & Elend are now desperately searching for the means to turn Ruin back and save their world.  Ruin sees and hears everything though—which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to plan together to defeat it.  To make matters worse, Ruin also has the ability to influence people’s actions without their awareness.  Meanwhile, the mist is becoming more dangerous, ash threatens to suffocate all forms of life and earthquakes are occuring with increasing frequency.  Sanderson maintains the fast-paced, action-packed storyline he began with Mistborn—and I love the clever plot twists.  Sanderson’s character-development is also strong—I love Tensoon!

Fantastic conclusion to the trilogy—I can’t wait to read his conclusion to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series!


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