The Laughter of Dead Kings by Elizabeth Peters

Vicky’s back in Egypt.  Someone has just stolen King Tut and the race is on to recover the mummy before the theft becomes public knowledge.  John swears that he has retired from the thieving profession but even he admits that it seems like something he would do—and it was done the way he would have done it.  So, to prove John’s innocence and save Feisal’s job, our friends aim to solve the crime and return Tut to his tomb.  Schmidt, of course, is anxious to lend his expertise to the cause and ends up saving the day—and provides one of the best scenes in the series!

Not my favorite Vicky Bliss title, but still a light, enjoyable read.  Spoiler alert—Schmidt’s claims to fame prove to be more than drunken boasts . . . .    There’s also a guest appearance by a real person . . . .


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