New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

I love this series!!!  Yes, Bella is annoying—yes, she’s making poor decisions and yes I want her to get a grip. She’s 18 years old though and her first love is a vampire—his presence literally intoxicates her—that intoxication is part of what makes vampires such good predators.  So, when he leaves, it’s not your normal breakup—it’s probably more like withdrawal.  Given that he’s a vampire, it’s not like she can be completely open with anyone about what she’s going through—so, she has to go through this alone.  I can cut her a little slack.

The romantic in me is drawn to the love Edward has for Bella.  I’m sympathetic to Edward because he’s been lonely for years and he’s finally found someone he can love—and he loves her enough to try to do what’s best for her.  Although their current challenges would be resolved if she were a vampire, he doesn’t want this life for her.  When a papercut nearly turns deadly, he finally decides that vampires being what they are, he is putting her at too much risk by staying with her—and so he leaves.

The realist in me worries about Bella.  Edward’s been around for a century—he knows himself.  Bella’s only 18—she hasn’t begun to figure out who she is.  She’s too ready to abandon her world for his.

I love Jacob and the twist he brings to the story.


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    Leah said,

    I’m a huge Twilight fan! It truly is a beautiful story. I also love Jacob, it’s always so refreshing when he’s in the story.

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