When We Meet Again by Victoria Alexander

After having her heart broken, Pamela decides that she wants to forgo societal conventions and become a ‘worldly woman’ instead.  Prince Alexei’s looks and reputation seem particularly suited for her introduction to such a life and she seduces him.  They are at a masked ball when they meet and she never lets him see her face clearly.  The night means more to her than she expected however . . . and to him as well.

A few years later, the pair cross paths again.  Alexei is renting a house that Pamela has just inherited.  Since she never let him see her face—and she never revealed her name—Alexei is at a disadvantage.  Shakespeare would be proud of the comedy that follows.  Pamela and Alexei are each in a bit of difficulty that a pretend-engagement would conveniently solve—and that’s just the beginning of the fun.  Alexei’s traitorous cousin Valentina has joined the household and he orders his friend Dimitri to keep an eye on her—day and night—hmmm.  Ever-poised Aunt Millicent becomes a babbling mess at the mere thought of encountering Winchester, the man she left at the altar years before.  Love is also in the air for Clarissa and Roman—the only couple not entangled in some chaos of their own making.

I loved this book!!!  Believable characters, witty dialogue, lots of humor—and for the most part, a believable storyline (Alexei’s belief that he had nothing to offer was a hard sell).  Although she was a minor character, I have to say that I particularly liked Valentina.  Many thanks to my friend Melissa for recommending this author!

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For more on the author, please visit http://www.eclectics.com/victoria/index.html


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