Dancing With the Stars Season 7 Week 1 Part 2


  • Lance & Lacey danced the Quickstep to Close to Me (The Cure)  21
  • Misty & Maks danced the Mambo to Black Mambo (Angel & the Mambokats)  21
  • Maurice & Cheryl danced the Mambo to I Do the Jerk (Ryan Shaw)  21
  • Brooke & Derek danced the Quickstep to Lover, Come Back to Me (Barbara Streisand)  26
  • Cloris & Corky danced the Mambo to Coconut Woman (Harry Belafonte)  16
  • Toni & Alec danced the Quickstep to Blue Skies (Della Rees) 23
  • Warren & Kym danced the Quickstep to Ding Dong Daddy of the D-Car Line (Cherry Poppin’ Daddies) 22
  • Ted & Inna danced the Mambo to Mambo Gozon (Tito Puente)  19
  • Cody & Julienne danced the Quickstep to I Want You To Want Me (Letters to Cleo)  23
  • Rocco & Karina danced the Mambo to La Comay (Sonora Carrulseles)  21
  • Susan & Tony danced the Quickstep to Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (The Arthur Murray Orchestra)  22
  • Kim & Mark danced the Mambo to Baby Got Back  (Sir Mix-a-lot) 18

Favorite Couples: Rocco & Karina, Misty & Maks, Toni & Alec, Lance & Lacey, Brooke & Derek.  Loved Rocco & Karina’s mambo!!!

Judges: 6, 5 & 5 for Cloris—seriously???  I know she’s feisty but that routine was both painful and disturbing to watch . . . it wasn’t even close to Rocco’s performance Monday evening and he received a 4.

Who’s Going Home: Hopefully Cloris—I’m afraid that her antics off the dance floor might entertain people enough to vote for her—but she’s not even close to her competitors on the dance floor (regardless of the judges’ scores).

Other thoughts: Kim was right—she’s really not comfortable shaking her butt—of course, maybe dancing to “Baby Got Back” seemed like a good idea but felt a little too cheeky when she was actually in front of an audience.


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