Shushing . . . It’s Not Just for Librarians Anymore

There was a brief power outage downtown yesterday—inside the library lights went out, computers went dark and, as an added bonus for staff in workrooms, doors slammed shut.  Not much rattles librarians but power outages do generate atypical librarian behavior.  We gather in groups at department desks because it’s our best chance of learning a) what caused the power outage b) how quickly power is expected to be restored c) what the plan of action is.  Business as usual has just been thrown into a tizzy—it’s an online world and everyone’s plan for the day has just been thrown out of whack.

Or so it would seem.  Amidst the general confusion—patrons staring forlornly at dark computer screens, people roaming the building in seek of answers, librarians gathered at the reference desk—someone unconnected with the online world was still trying to work and the daylight streaming in from the windows was sufficient for her needs—but the talking at the reference desk was really getting on her nerves.  It was a tough call to make but someone had to make it—she shushed the librarians.

The librarians are still blushing.


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    Delia said,


    You described the scene perfectly! Yes, we do tend to be lost without our toys, er, ah, tools! You-all probably made that customer’s day! “I shushed the librarians!”

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