Poor Bun-Bun

2008 has been rough year #2 for Petey.  He had his bladder flushed in July, was taken to the emergency vet a couple of weeks ago and had his bladder flushed again yesterday.  I switched vets after the July bladder flush—the vet I had been taking Petey to is a good person but he takes on more than he can handle—sometimes people are better-served when you re-direct them.  Anyway, I’m much happier with the new vet—he is taking the time to really check Petey out.  I’m hopeful that he’ll determine the underlying cause of Petey’s problems and come up with a preventative plan.  So far I’m guessing that part of the problem has been the post-op care—the previous vet would send Petey home after the flush without any medicine—the current vet sends home meds.

When I picked Petey up yesterday, I was surprised at how good he looked—he looked annoyed but good.  After the July bladder flush, he established himself in a corner and sat there looking hunched and miserable—yesterday, he sat out in the open, nibbled some food and even hopped through his tunnel once.  He’s not eating enough—but it’s a really good sign that he’s eating even a little on his own.

The silver-lining to all of this is that Petey is learning to tolerate being picked up and held.  He’s an independent fella and while he likes following me around and being petted, he likes to be in control.  I don’t know if it will last after he’s fully-recovered, but right now it is nice to be able to pick him up and cuddle him without much struggling on his part.

try picking me up now---bet you can't do it!

try picking me up now---bet you can't do it!


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    Melissa said,

    Good to know he is getting better.

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