Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner

Judging from other reviews, you’ll either love this book or hate it—I loved it!!!  Cannie is an intelligent, funny character whose ex-boyfriend has just begun to air their differences in a magazine column for a national publication.  Ouch.  Is she overly-obsessed with her ex-boyfriend?  Yes—but who hasn’t pined after the wrong person at least once?  Is she condescending towards her mom’s girlfriend?  Yes, but there are two sides to that story.  Are there a couple of improbable turns of fate?  Sure, but I believe in happy endings.

What I like best about this story is that Cannie remains in charge of her life, even when it hits rock bottom.  For the most part, when Cannie encounters difficulty, she pushes herself forward and maintains her sense of humor.  When the rock-bottom event happens, she does lose herself in anger for awhile but she eventually works through it and asks for help.  This a solid story about one person’s growth over time and her gradual acceptance of herself.  Recommended!!!


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