Dancing With the Stars Season 6 Week 10


  • Everyone danced the Cha Cha to Dancing on the Ceiling (Lionel Richie)  30
  • Kristi & Mark danced Freestyle to Workin’ Day and Night (Michael Jackson)  30
  • Jason & Edyta danced Freestyle to Miami (Will Smith)  27
  • Cristian & Cheryl danced Freestyle to Suevemente (Elvis Crespo)  26
  • Kristi & Mark danced the Jive to Rip It Up (Little Richard)  30
  • Jason & Edyta danced the Quickstep to The Dirty Boogie (The Brian Setzer Orchestra)  30

Favorite Couples: Kristi & Mark are still my favorite—hopefully the judges didn’t turn everyone against them by basically proclaiming them the winners. Cristian & Cheryl are my second-favorite—I’d like to see them take second. I do think Cristian’s injury has held them back but they are still a strong pair—and I think he’s a better overall dancer than Jason. (Cristian is solid in both ballroom and Latin, whereas Jason tends to struggle a bit with Latin.) Jason & Edyta are good and I think they deserve third place–however, I won’t be overly disappointed if they nab second instead of Cristian.

Who’s Going Home: I think Jason & Edyta should take third—but I think his fan-base will pull him through to second. I’ll only be upset if Kristi doesn’t take first.

Other Thoughts: Loved the group cha-cha!!! Kristi and Mark stole that dance. I liked all of the free-styles although I still don’t get the pajama beginning to Kristi & Mark’s routine. Jason surprised me the most in his free-style, maybe because he really seemed to get into it after looking somewhat stiff in the cha-cha? Stiff isn’t really the right word—what I’m trying to say is that whereas Cristian looks like he’s dancing the Latin routines, I’m more aware that Jason is concentrating on performing the moves well.


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