Shadowfall by James Clemens

Millenia ago, there was a war between the gods. Something during the war not only shattered the kingdom of the gods, but also shattered the gods themselves.  This sundering caused each god’s individual self to separate into three distinct parts—aether, naether and physical.

The physical aspects of the gods landed on Myrillia—crazed by the sundering, the gods wrought havoc among the Myrillians until it was discovered that binding themselves to the land would end their madness. 100 gods chose to bind themselves, often bringing blessing and prosperity to their respective realms.  The others roam the wilds, still maddened, still wreaking havoc.

Shadowfall begins with the murder of one of the 100 gods—something that was thought impossible.  The only witness is a crippled, disgraced, former knight—as he comforts the dying goddess, she bestows a powerful blessing upon him—a blessing which heals his crippled body—a blessing which makes him the only murder suspect.  He will be chased across the land by practically everyone as he attempts to find and kill a creature powerful enough to murder a god.

I was caught up in this story from the first page–I read it in two days.  Other reviewers have criticized the character development but I think it’s well-done—I engaged with our protagonists right away.  I am particularly interested to learn more of Rogger’s history as the Godslayer Chronicles continue—and of course, I’m anxious to see how Dart’s character will develop.  I love animals so I quickly became attached to Pupp, Barrin and Hern (even though Barrin & Hern are minor characters and Pupp isn’t technically an animal).

I’m intrigued by the reverse trinity aspect of the gods—and I have to comment that the Myrillian Balger is bad enough, so I’d hate to meet his naethryn aspect!  As far as the humoral graces of the gods and the Hands chosen to collect them—it’s an interesting concept, if somewhat icky.

Shadowfall has lots of action and intrigue with a hint of romance—recommended!  If luck is with me, I will check out Hinterlands, Book Two of the Godslayer Chronicles from the library today.  I’ll also have to check out something by James Rollins (aka James Clemens).

For more on the author, please visit his website .


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