Dancing With the Stars Season 6 Week 9


  • Jason & Edyta danced the Foxtrot to Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off (Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald)  28
  • Marissa & Tony danced the Quickstep to Around the World (Buddy Greco)  26
  • Cristian & Cheryl danced the Viennese Waltz to Satellite (Dave Matthews Band)  27
  • Kristi & Mark danced the Tango to Midnight Tango (Arthur Murray Orchestra)  29
  • Jason & Edyta danced the Paso Doble to El Gato Montes (Manuel Panella)  27
  • Marissa & Tony danced the Rumba to Just the Two of Us (Grover Washington, Jr.)  26
  • Christian & Cheryl danced the Samba to Sweetheart From Venezuela (Harry Belafonte)  29
  • Kristi & Mark danced the Jive to Nutbush City Limits ( Tina Turner)  28

Favorite couples: Kristi & Mark are still my absolute favorites. I’m torn among the rest–I really do like them all.

Judges: Sometimes I don’t like Carrie Ann—I don’t know what ticked her off so much about Marissa & Tony’s rumba that she felt like blasting it so harshly. It didn’t wow her—okay, that’s fine—but the rant seemed unnecessary. If the rant had been about poor technique or lack of content, it wouldn’t have seemed so out of line—but she wasn’t ‘wowed’—I don’t think that’s rant-worthy. *I liked Marissa & Tony’s rumba by the way.

I was entertained by the segment with Len giving the celebrities some tips.

Who’s Going Home: I like them all but Marissa did have a noticeable mistake in the quickstep–and she has the lowest scores from the judges. As long as it’s not Kristi going home, I’m fine.

Other thoughts: I’ve enjoyed the season but I haven’t been as ‘wowed’ as I have been in the past. I still re-watch Drew & Cheryl’s routines and Emmitt & Cheryl’s routines. This season, there have only been a handful of routines that I want to replay.


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