Dancing With the Stars Season 6 Week 8


  • Kristi & Mark danced the Quickstep to Billy a Dick (Klaus Hallen)  29
  • Mario & Karina danced the Viennese Waltz to If I Ain’t Got You (Alicia Keys)  27
  • Marissa & Tony danced the Foxtrot to New York, New York (Frank Sinatra)  25
  • Jason & Edyta danced the Tango to Tango Barbaro (Lalo Schifrin)  29
  • Cristian & Cheryl danced the Tango to Beat It (Michael Jackson)  28
  • Kristi & Mark danced the Samba to Volare (Gipsy Kings)  26
  • Mario & Karina danced the Jive to Little Bitty Pretty One (Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers)  26
  • Marissa & Tony danced the Mambo to Ritmo de Chunga (Perez Prado)  25
  • Jason & Edyta danced the Samba to It Had Better Be Tonight (Michael Buble)  23
  • Cristian & Cheryl danced the Mamba to Saca Tu Mujer (Tito Puente, Jr.)  29

Favorite Couples: Kristi & Mark, Jason & Edyta, Cristian & Cheryl. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Cristian, given his injury—frankly, I don’t think anyone should put off surgery AND test their limits—but I was impressed with his performance and Cheryl’s choreography.

Judges: Okay, telling someone they lack elegance is enough—is it really necessary to compare their performance with Britney Spears getting out of a limo? There’s nothing constructive in that comparison—and frankly, it wasn’t witty either.

Who’s Going Home: My guess is Marissa. I like her better than Mario but technically he’s probably a better performer at this point.

Other Thoughts: I’m sad to be missing the Results show tonight!!! I’m hoping my possessed vcr records it for me so that I can see the routines from previous shows.


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